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Onboarding Group was founded with the vision to professionalize the way organisations receive and integrate new hires.

We believe that every employee deserves the opportunity to become successful in their job. To feel a meaning with their working life. And we know that the key to success is a structured onboarding process. Without a flying start the chances are, that the person will not deliver on expectations, and will not feel the meaning.

At Onboarding Group we want to help create a meaningful working life for people. We want to help people succeed. And with the individual success of each employee we help companies grow and reach their goals.


The Onboarding Group team

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Mikkel Nielsen

Commercial Director


+45 40318113

Rune Daniel

Sales Manager


+45 21218782

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Christian Harpelund

Consulting Director


+45 21281175

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Francis Delafontaine

Technology Director


+45 20233369


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    Moment uses our Onboarding Services to add extra value to their customers in the process of searching for and integrating the most talented candidates. Moment also acts as a reseller for the Onboarding Services in Denmark


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    TEMP-TEAM in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland uses the Onboarding Services to offer their customers even more extensive recruitment solutions. TEMP-TEAM also acts as a reseller for the Onboarding Services in all four countries.


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