License to Onboard

Training onboarding as a leadership discipline

Are you good at receiving new hires?
And do you have a structured plan for how to make the onboarding process a success?



We've known it for almost 20 years now: When people quit, they more often quit because of their manager than because of the actual job or the company. And so it is with onboarding as well. Most often, it is the local manager who has the greatest impact on a new hire’s onboarding experience.

All research that exists on onboarding has a clear message: Having a structure is the key. Organizations that apply a structured approach to onboarding can measure it positively on new hire’s well-being, their sense of purpose, their commitment, their time-to-performance, and retention.

A company’s HR- or L&D department can design structures and content for the onboarding experience for the new hire, but for the onboarding to really succeed, it is ultimately the leader who needs to work structured in the process.

A leader's self-awareness about his or her own style, strengths, and weaknesses - e.g. in terms of supporting a sense of meaning or purpose; having and showing an understanding for the new employee's perspective; enabling the employee's independence, etc. - is absolutely crucial. A leader who has both a broad repertoire, who can work structured with it and who understands how vital his/her role is in onboarding - is a powerful cocktail. This is a leader with a 'License to Onboard'.




On this 1-day program, you can also obtain a “License to Onboard”. You will gain insight into:

  • What is onboarding - and how to make it successful?
  • What is an onboarding 'mindset' - and how do you grow it in yourself and in your colleagues?
  • How much and what parts of the onboarding task can you delegate or distribute?
  • What are your strongest leadership styles and how should you use them when onboarding?
  • When and for how long should you as a leader be present in and be tracking onboarding?



In the program, you will be trained by onboarding and leadership trainer in:

  • Pre-boarding – how do you communicate in the time after the signing of the contract and up until the first workday?
  • Onboarding dialogues – what are the vital conversations you need to prioritize in order to set expectations and that they are being enforced? And what are the best practices for those conversations?
  • Onboarding challenges – how do you handle when new hires are not having a good onboarding experience?
  • Onboarding design – how do you put together your own local onboarding plan in collaboration with HR and other stakeholders in your organization?
  • Onboarding perspectives - what are your colleagues’ experiences with onboarding?



  • A practical and theoretical platform for understanding the onboarding discipline as a leader
  • Insight into own leadership style and competence in relation to onboarding
  • A concrete analytical onboarding tool which enables you to track and improve the onboarding in your own unit.
  • Development of a local onboarding plan for you and your team which can enable you to onboard successfully in your unit.
  • Your own copy of the book: "Onboarding – getting new hires off to a flying start”.


Target group

The program is targeted leaders at all levels who are recruiting and onboarding (employee-level recruitment as well as manager-level recruitment).

The program can be designed as an open program with participants from different companies, or it can be tailored as an internal program where the training goes deep into the company’s own content, materials, and processes.


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