A global network for HR Professionals and Managers involved in onboarding new hires

What is it?


Onboarders is a global network of HR professionals and managers with onboarding responsibility. Challenges, approaches, knowledge, insights, and experiences about onboarding will be shared and discussed.  


For whom is this relevant?


The community is relevant for people in HR, recruitment, Employer Branding, training and development and onboarding of new hires.








What do I get?

For only 1000 € per year you will get:


  • 4 annual webinars with inspirational talks about different topics within the discipline of onboarding new hires. Some webinars will be in the form of a presentation, some will be actual cases from other organisations and others will be interviews with HR, managers and/or employees telling their onboarding stories.


  • 4 annual online Q&A sessions where you can ask questions and discuss current onboarding subjects/issues/ambitions/ideas with peers and professionals from around the world. (Limit of 8 participants per session).


  • Exclusive access to the members-only online community group for sharing ideas, best practice, knowledge and insights and to start conversations and discussions with other community members.


  • 4 annual newsletters with the latest insights, blogs, articles and videos about onboarding of new hires.


  • The Annual Onboarding Index data report with key insights and benchmark from our ongoing studies. (Onboarding Index, Time-to-Onboarding, vital drops in different, industries, across age groups, roles, etc.).






These are some of the topics we will bring up:

  • Inclusive Onboarding: An Onboarding that welcomes younger generations and their preferences
    • Generation Z - characteristics and specific needs.
    • On average the older generations are scoring higher in the Onboarding Index (measuring the onboarding experience) compared to the younger generations.


  • Psychological safety and a positive speaking up culture as a precondition for successful onboarding
    • A psychologically safe workplace and its effects on employee development - professional and social.
    • Onboarding is a process and a personal transformation. The new hire is in a liminal phase and is very vulnerable and impressionable. 


  • Accelerated learning and onboarding 
    • A holistic view of learning based on positive psychology.
    • A more effective way of sharing knowledge with new hires.


  • The advantages of preboarding
    • Reaching out to the new hire before day 1?
    • The do’s and don’ts of preboarding
    • One cannot not communicate


  • Onboarding – one size fits all?
    • How is onboarding differentiated in an organisation?
    • Can we have both generic and customized onboarding programs in an organisation?


  • License to onboard
    • How do we support managers with onboarding responsibilities? (from an HR perspective)
    • Tips & Tricks





Christian Harpelund

Christian holds an MSc in Organizational Psychology from Copenhagen University and is a State Authorised Psychologist. He is the Co-Founder of Onboarding Group which specializes in designing and implementing structured onboarding processes in organizations. Christian has been working with learning and development since 1996 and is the author of the book 'Onboarding - Getting New Hires off to a Flying Start' and has also published the journals 'The psychology of onboarding: Part 1 & 2'.

Julie Salskov Andersen

Julie holds a cand.psych. in Organizational and Clinical Psychology from Copenhagen University. At the University of Copenhagen, Julie has taught social psychology and worked as a research assistant. Julie has been working with onboarding, Employer Branding and management development in Maersk Oil and the Danish Ministry of Finance.





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Book: Onboarding: Getting New Hires off to a Flying Start

Article: What is onboarding?






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