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Onboarding: Getting New Hires off to a Flying Start

Emerald Publishing Limited, 2019

Onboarding of new hires is critical for success today. Employees are increasingly expecting more from companies, and if they don’t feel connected and onboard they will likely leave for a new opportunity somewhere else. However, there is a marked lack of knowledge about onboarding at the manager level, and the majority of companies are stuck using a “checklist” approach which does not factor in the emotional experience and engaged integration of the new hire.

Onboarding: Getting New Hires off to a Flying Start provides a clear framework for managers to improve the onboarding process. Based on 20 years of experience with recruiting, onboarding, and organisational development, the authors have developed an easy to use model and process for onboarding which maps out 6 dimensions which can be used to design and implement a systematic organizational process. The book also provides real case examples to demonstrate how to take action in an organization and

Outlining specific tools to facilitate the onboarding dialogue between the new employee and the manager, the book will provide immediate solutions to improve and professionalise the discipline of onboarding, leading ultimately to improved new hires’ time-to-performance, increasing retention rates, higher engagement, and lower stress-levels.

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Bruce H. Rogers, Managing Director of the SITO Institute and Forbes Contributor:

A Series of Q&A Interviews with innovators working at the intersection of human behavior and business transformation: Christian Harpelund, Co-founder and Consulting Director, Onboarding Group and author of the book: "Onboarding: Getting new hires off to a flying start."

"Today the approach to onboarding in many companies is not professionalized. Most organizations use “checklist” approach to onboarding. But onboarding is much more than a checklist, more than an information package and more than an introduction program. Unstructured Onboarding is bad for business and bad for people and companies who take a proactive approach to Onboarding are seeing great results."


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Peer review feedback:

"I found the fact the authors addressed all phases of the on-boarding process with equal weight a key advantage of the book and it show the insight the authors have for the process. I think the way it is structured and written means the book will find a wide audience – I would buy this book and recommend it to student and managers I teach. The authors pick up on the key aspect of how undervalued on-boarding is in an increasingly dynamic work environment where most turnover occurs in the first 6 months often due to poor induction or onboarding processes. Or as the authors note, the assumption that on-boarding is a passive activity and can been addressed by a simple checklist – which gives little insight into how effective or ineffective the process was."


"Probably the best structured book I have reviewed for Emerald"



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About the authors

Christian Harpelund

Christian holds a MSc in Organizational Psychology from Copenhagen University, and is a State Authorised Psychologist. He is the Co-Founder of Onboarding Group which specializes in designing and implementing structured onboarding processes in organizations.

Morten Højberg

Morten is the Founder and CEO of the recruiting company Moment. He has worked with hiring and onboarding new employees for more than 20 years across 1000+ companies, and he is the Co-Founder of Onboarding Group.

Kasper Ulf Nielsen

Kasper is the Co-Founder of Reputation Institute, the global leader in reputation measurement and management. He holds a MSc in Intercultural Management from Copenhagen Business School. Kasper is the Chairman of the Board at Onboarding Group.

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This 90-120 minutes inspiration lecture is a great way to introduce your audience to the discipline of structuring onboarding.

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We can help support your organisation in securing the best possible onboarding of your new hires. Several strategic analyses will be initiated to highlight the hidden potentials of onboarding in your organisation. We will facilitate the process from A-Z to ensure that your ambitions, insights about the current onboarding situation and our experience and best practises will form the basis of a new and more structured onboarding process.

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