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Invitation to a pioneering global research study

Optimizing Onboarding in the Healthcare sector



During the past year, we have been working closely with one of the largest hospitals in Denmark to improve the onboarding for all new hires at the hospital. As part of the project, we have performed an Onboarding Review, which is an analysis that provides valuable insights into the effects of the current onboarding efforts.

Here are some of the key findings from our research:

  • A large percentage of the new hires with none or limited work experience leave their new position within the first six months
  • The average Time-to-Onboarding per new hire is more than 10 months
  • The Onboarding Experience suffers significant drops during the first six months
  • There are major differences in the Onboarding Experience across centers and departments
  • Several groups of age and profession also imply traceable differences in the Onboarding Experience

Based on findings from this preliminary analysis we have decided to initiate a global healthcare research study, in order to create a comprehensive insight into the challenges and opportunities with onboarding across hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organisations around the world.



Pioneering Global Onboarding Review Study



We would like to invite your organisation to participate in the research study and a unique opportunity to gain exclusive onboarding insight, peer-driven research, and competitive talent advantages. The research study will be focusing entirely on optimizing the onboarding experience in the healthcare sector.

Your efforts

With very limited effort, equivalent to five minutes onboarding survey for new hires within the last 12 months and a 3 hours research feedback learning session exclusively based on data from your organisation, you’ll gain valuable insight into the current onboarding situation across the organisation and achieve unique business advantages from Onboarding Groups global industry onboarding benchmark.

What you get

Pioneering onboarding insights from verified peer-driven research:

  • How long is the ‘time-to-performance’ for new hires in our organization?
  • Any drops/critical periods in the onboarding experience (‘honeymoon-effects’) that need special attention? From day 0 to day 365
  • Which of 18 key areas contribute to a successful onboarding experience – and which are weak spots?
  • What are the key drivers for the new hires' onboarding experience for high impact?
  • What are the challenges? Culture, Rules, Network, Collaboration, Competencies, Performance, etc.
  • What are the critical areas or segments for improvement? Across roles, specialty areas, generation, gender, etc.
  • Where are our best practices across departments and how can we share learnings and knowledge?
  • Onboarding Index Score compared to a global and an industry index?
  • How many new hires within the last 12 months are at risk of leaving due to unsuccessful onboarding?
  • What insights from the Onboarding Review can help strengthen your organization´s Employer Brand, talent attraction, diversity & inclusion, recruitment processes, succession planning, leadership pipeline, and corporate strategy?

Data protection

Onboarding Group guarantees full anonymity and confidentiality for the participating companies. The research study is fully aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will be initiated and driven exclusively by Onboarding Group.


Contact information on all new hires within the last 12 months (across the entire organisation or appointed divisions) sent to Onboarding Group. Following the registration, we will send each employee a link to an online survey with 35 questions across the six onboarding dimensions.

After completing the onboarding experience survey and analyzing the data we will present the results in a feedback learning session with the onboarding key stakeholders in your organisation. A comprehensive Onboarding Review analysis report will be delivered for further elaboration and exploration.


Based on the large-scale research and big data analytics we are able to offer your organisation a significant discount without compromising the quality and scope of the comprehensive reporting and valuable feedback.

Fill out the form below or give us a call for more information. 

Registration & Project plan

Following the registration deadline 30 November 2019 you will be invited to a short introduction by Onboarding Groups research team.

  1. November - December 2019 | Enrollment & Study launch
  2. January - February 2020 | Onboarding experience survey
  3. March - April 2020 | Feedback & Reporting



About Onboarding Group


Onboarding Group was founded with the vision to professionalize the way organisations receive and integrate new hires.

We add an intelligent approach to onboarding by analyzing the effort, designing and implementing a structured process based on facts and not assumptions and lastly, we track the progression in order to take corrective and preventive action.

In 2015 we published the first version of the book Onboarding – getting new hires off to a flying start, in which you can read about our first global onboarding study, a comprehensive insight into onboarding best practices and about our theoretical foundation and the methodology we use in our research.

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