Online Masterclass: Virtual Onboarding

An online course about how you as hiring manager or HR professional can facilitate successfull remote onboarding

Place: Online via Zoom

Time: Tuesday, March 31, 2 PM CET

Duration: 2½ hours

Price: 55 € (EUR) ex VAT




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Were you supposed to welcome new hires into your organisation these weeks?

The Covid19 virus has led to significant changes in the work situation of global business. Companies and institutions around the world have been advised by local authorities to ensure that as many people as possible work from home. This also includes all new employees who have just started or are about to start their new job.

In an onboarding context, this can create major challenges since the close relationship between workplace and employee has not yet been built. For the new employee, there are plenty of emotions at play at this early stage of employment. Additionally, there are many questions to be answered and a lot of expectations to be met. Given the new circumstances, it can be challenging for the employer to communicate and manage the many needs in a comprehensive way.

This Online Masterclass provides you with specific tools for onboarding your new employees remotely. The Masterclass will be based on data and best practice from global organisations that recruit, onboard and develop employees on a geographical, organisational and personal distance.



The course will provide you knowledge and tools around the following:

  • Considering the employee perspective, what are the most important needs when onboarding on the distance?
  • What types of onboarding activities are useful for working remotely?
  • How often and in what way should you be in contact with your new employee?
  • Given the situation, what are the new requirements regarding the different roles in the onboarding e.g. HR, manager, buddy, etc?


Who is this relevant for?

This Masterclass is aimed at Managers and HR Professionals who are currently onboarding or facing the need to onboard new employees remotely.



Christian Harpelund

Organisational Psychologist and specialist in onboarding


Julie Salskov Andersen

Organisational Psychologist and specialist in onboarding



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Register here (55 €)