Structured onboarding is the key to success

When it comes to onboarding new employees, a streamlined, efficient process can make all the difference. Our services help track and improve your current onboarding efforts, provide a framework for a sustainable onboarding strategy, and inspire new connections through rewarding onboarding results. They will also help you to stay alert about potential pitfalls in the onboarding proces, which can save you from losing that one employee who was starting to reconsider.

What is your onboarding index score?

Benchmark your efforts on a global scale

On the Onboarding Dashboard, you can compare your company’s onboarding score with that of other companies within your industry.

You can also choose to compare your company’s performance with the most successful onboarding experiences on a global scale! Find out how your company ranks on the global onboarding index.

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Improve your efforts with Ongoing Dialogue

Generated through various measurements, Ongoing Dialogue supports the hiring manager in their follow up with a new employee.

Looking at the onboarding experience, employee performance, and overall feedback, survey results deliver invaluable insight across the six dimensions of onboarding. In turn, results will help form the dialogue report, which helps open a conversation between the new employee and their manager, and provides a framework for aligning personal expectations and broader company goals.

  1. Survey

    A survey encourages the new employee and their manager to rate the onboarding experience across various dimensions.

  2. Dialogue Report

    The Dialogue Report helps the manager open a constructive conversation with a new employee, highlighting both the employee’s and manager’s scores across six dimensions. A gap analysis and best practices guide the process.

  3. Dashboard

    Onboarding data from across all departments is gathered in an overview in the Onboarding Dashboard in real time, identifying areas and departments that demonstrate best practices and those that require improvement.

Ongoing Dialogue - Pricing

Improve your onboarding process with Ongoing Dialogue

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Measure your efforts with Onboarding Review

Onboarding Review lets you check on the onboarding performance of new employees across the last 12 months in all departments in a clear overview - ready to be presented to managers in your next workshop. Review helps HR managers eliminate manual processes and accelerate productivity.

At the same time, results provide insight into how to optimize your onboarding process and transform great quality candidates into great employees.

  1. Survey

    The intention of the survey is to measure the onboarding performance of recently-hired employees (within 1 year).

  2. Dashboard

    Onboarding data is analyzed and the results are presented to the hiring managers in a workshop.

Onboarding Review - Pricing

Measure your current onboarding efforts with Onboarding Review

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Onboarding Dashboard

Check-in on your onboarding efforts and where it’s paying off, anytime and in real time.

The Onboarding Dashboard provides an overview of your company’s performance across different organizational levels. Find out which department onboards new employees most efficiently, which departments need additional coaching, and which departments made true success stories.

The Onboarding Dashboard enables you to pinpoint the exact dimensions of your onboarding efforts and define areas in which extra input will pay off in particular.

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Onboarding consultancy

Onboarding presentation with Christian Harpelund

Author of the book ‘Onboarding - A Flying Start’ - Approx 90 mins

Getting new employees onboarded properly directly affects the bottom line – it’s a concrete area where HR can effectivity showcase its value in the organization. Greater loyalty, stronger engagement, better retention and – last but not least – an accelerated time between the first working day and full performance are just some of the gains that can be made.

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